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bringing you empowerment and balance!

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Eversince I was a child, I saw a deeper reality. I saw other dimensions to this world and to the people in it. I cared  for others and wanted to encourage and foster the best in others.  I dreamed of a world that valued everyone, a world of cooperation, a world that brought out the best in each person as well as valuing this beautiful planet we live on.  This is what guides me in the work I do.

I am passionate about helping you have the
best life you can, tapping into your true core and bringing out those special gifts you have to share with the world. I am inspired to help you clear away what is in the way of you expressing those gifts of your soul and opening to the opportunities to share them. I believe you have the power to transform your life. I believe together, we have the power to transform the planet.

As a trainer, consultant, coach and therapist in Wellness, I have been a healing practitioner since 1979 and life long student of spirituality and personal growth.

Are you or your business feeling stuck?  Feeling like you aren't getting the results you desire? Focusing too much on the problems rather than your dreams? I have years of experience helping children and adults, in schools, small and large businesses, to  personally find a way out of chaos and dis-empowerment, back to a place of feeling empowered.  This supports you in feeling more relaxed, more resourceful, more open to new opportunities.  You then attract more of what you want and the old unwanted experiences and situations can just fade away.

Let me be your midwife in birthing a new you....whether as an individual, a company, a new project or dream.  Let me shine the light on the new path you're creating for yourself, your relationships, your business, the world.

This time on the planet is an exciting one.  I truly believe that it is time to manifest a world of cooperation, harmony, peace,
abundance, sustainability and love.

Are you ready for the next step?  
        Call 206-763-9880
Katelon T. Jeffereys

Building a bridge between what was, and onto a beautiful new future...and taking your hand to assist you on that journey!
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I'd love to assist you with....

* having that loving relationship you                 desire....
* having a job/career that supports you and       excites you.....
* having your body/mind feel more                    energized and relaxed.....
* feeling more love, self-respect and self
* feeling more freedom to express
* aligning  with your mastery and divinity....