A leadership approach to develop motivated, productive, energized 
and engaged employees...
Customized Workshops, Keynote Presentations, Consulting, Coaching, Retreats
Solares addresses the following business challenges:
* Bottom line profitability
Retention, productivity
* Managing Change
* Diverse work culture
* Workplace violence
* Wellness and stress release
By providing consulting, coaching and training that:
* Builds supportive, creative teams
* Develops well-trained managers
* Leads to reduced absenteeism, health care costs and work
* Creates employees who feel involved and claim ownership in 
  the company
* Results in energized, focused, relaxed, healthy employees   
    who feel empowered to address any issues that arise
Teaches leading edge sales and marketing techniques
Topics include:
Empowerment strategies/Take charge..Actualizing Limitless Leadership/High Tech Marketing for Business in the Fast Lane/Workplace Violence Prevention/Communication/Rapport building/ Change Management/Diversity/ Stress Release/Wellness/Conflict Resolution and more...
Statistics are showing the great ROI from bringing wellness and stress release coaching and training into your company.  With 30+ years experience in this field, I can help you reap the benefits that wellness programs acheive for you and your employees. The new national health care initiative will be supporting you in this endeavor.
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I invite you to explore the flow you can manifest in your company when you establish more harmony, cooperation, reverance, authentic power and sustainability into your foundation.