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Consulting for creating Wellness Centers and community
   I am committed to creating new types of Wellness Centers and resorts, that strive to be worldwide models for bridging class, race, gender, business, cultural, planetary, interplanetary and environmental concerns.  These centers will model wellness in every aspect of their operation and design, from how the employees are treated; what materials are used to build, design with and even use for cleaning; how they truly support and collaborate with the local community and other companies and institutions; to filling these centers 12 months out of the year.  The foundation of these centers will be a committment to change the face of how business is done and to honor humanity, community, the environment and each other.
   These centers will focus on family, community, business, spiritual and environmental wellness as well as individual wellness.  These centers will help lead individuals through the quickening pace of change with compassion, integrity, and professionalism, helping to foster a sense of unity, intimacy and belonging that will nurture the foundation for peace and international understanding so needed in our world.
   I have researched wellness centers, resorts, learning centers and intentional communities for 30 years; researching financials, design, marketing, program creation, management...all the details that go into creating a viable and successful entity.

Is your heart feeling called to join me in these projects?  Do you need help with a project you are creating? ...Also, if you are traveling and would like information on what resort/wellness center to stay in, give me a call.  I have researched over 70 of them around the world.

Call me:  206-763-9880

Together, let us reach for the stars, and thus reunite and recover this beautiful planet.