Phone and distance healing . . . 
Science is now catching up with spirituality through the new science of epigenetics.  Bruce Lipton discusses this in two of his books, the most recent being Spontaneous Evolution.  It is now evident that our DNA can be altered through our thoughts.  The Heart Math Institute has also performed experiments using thoughts focused on tissue in another country and quantified changes made to that tissue.  Spiritual teachers have long extolled the benefits of prayer and asking for energy to be sent on to perform some shift in a person or situation.  Through quantum physics it is being discovered that there is a field that we live in, we are all a part of and this field is affected by our thoughts directing our energy.  Reiki masters and other healers throughout the ages have used this knowledge to send healing energy through the "airwaves" to assist others.  I am trained in several spiritual techniques that I am able to use to do distance healing.   Along with this, I have had wonderful experiences doing various healing modalities while on the phone with clients.  They have received the results they were hoping for, while remaining in the comfort of their home.

The following therapies can be used alone or together by either phone or distance healing:

Spiritual restructuring -for use with joints, organs, glands, meridians.

Spiritual response therapy - past life clearing for health, relationships, prosperity, career.

Reiki -assists with physical and emotional well-being.

Hypnotherapy/NLP/Past life regression - health, relationships, prosperity, career transformations.

I am able to include various energy medicine and  emotional clearings along with these therapies through my involvement with Emotion code work, One Command, Meridian tapping and others.
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Legal  Disclaimer:I do not diagnose illness, disease or any other  physical or mental disorder.  My work is not a substitute for medical  examinations and/or diagnosis and it is recommended that you see a  physician for any physical/mental ailment you may have.  My work is to  assist you in your healing/transformation process.