Stress Release Tool Four
Cross Crawl                 

This exercise strengthens the cooperation and balance between both brain hemispheres.  It also improves physical/mental coordination.  Using this exercise keeps the mind alert, the body balanced and helps to relieve physical stress and fatigue.

Often throughout the day, whether because of stress or because of the many tasks we do that involve only using our arms, such as being on the computer; only using our legs, such as riding a bicycle, or carrying a purse or bag on one side of the body, thus only swinging one arm when we walk, we create a short circuit in the communication between our body and brain.  Doing jumping jacks also creates stress because it is using both arms and legs together in a homo-lateral way, rather than the cross-lateral way of a cross crawl, thus again, blocking clear communication between the body and mind.

When we are born until the time we crawl, the right side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the left side of the brain controls the left side of the body.  When we start crawling, it is switched and the right side of the brain then controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain then controls the right side of the body.  When a baby does not crawl, this interrupts this natural shift in brain/body connection.

I once worked with a man who had schizophrenia, was on high doses of medication and mostly just sat in his house doing nothing.  He came to me for therapy and I used One Brain applied kinesiology therapy on him. At one point, it came up that he needed to do the cross crawl exercise. He was unable to do so and kept attempting to do things homo-laterally.  He finally admitted that he hadn't crawled as a child. I wondered if he would have avoided schizophrenia if he had crawled?  

I had to physically help him perform a cross crawl movement and sent him home with that as homework. He called the next day with joy in his voice, and with only one session, he was able to cut his medication in 1/2, went on to get trained in a job skill and joined the volunteer fire department.  I feel that certainly the One Brain therapy helped but I also feel that his daily work with the cross crawl is what made the difference.

1.  You can simply march in place, touching the opposite hand to the opposite leg.  I would recommend at least 12 repetitions.
2.  You can perform this exercise sitting down, lifting the knees and touching the opposite hand to the opposite knee.
3.  You can also get fancy with it and lift your foot behind, touching your opposite hand to that foot or any other variation you devise.  The most important step is to be touching the opposite hand to the opposite knee or foot.  Even doing an exaggerated walk, swinging your arms deliberately as you step out with the opposite leg. is effective.   Or you can even crawl, moving the opposite knee forward as you move the opposite hand/arm forward.
4. Have fun with it but do it regularly to correct any problems and then do as needed.

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