I learned this stress release tool through my studies in "One Brain", a therapy that uses applied kinesiology, sometimes called muscle testing.  This tool is also taught by Donna Eden in her energy medicine therapy and in the Brain Gym therapy, a modality that is often taken into schools to work with students and  especially children who are dyslexic.  
This exercise enables a person to cross the midline between the two brain hemispheres, preventing a short circuit of right brain energy.  It integrates activities that were performed one sided, or homo-laterally.   For example, women often walk with their purse on one shoulder, which allows only one arm to swing, rather than both arms swinging, one at a time, as the opposite leg moves forward.  Jumping jacks also reinforce a homo-lateral movement as both arms and legs move at the same time.  
It is important to use cross-lateral movements, as these  reaffirm the normal healthy nervous system pattern of the right brain hemisphere controlling the left side of the body and the left brain hemisphere controlling the right side of the body. When this cross-lateral movement is short circuited either through stress or by performing a homo-lateral or one-sided movement, it keeps the brain from working as a unified system plus it stops this necessary cross over between the brain and body. When this happens, you will feel stressed, be more reactive, not be able to think clearly, and it could lead to fatigue. I like to use this technique along with affirmations, to install new beliefs, as it accesses all parts of the brain to align with the affirmations, thus reinforcing and strengthening these new desired beliefs.                                       
Either on a chalkboard, paper or in the air, draw a figure eight sideways. Make the symbol as wide as space permits.  Start with your dominant hand for the first part of the exercise. Start with an upward motion to make the first circle, then down, and around and up to make the second circle.  Repeat until it feels comfortable using your dominant hand.  Do this again, using your alternate hand, starting with an upward motion to make one side of the figure eight, then down and around and up to make the other side of the figure eight.  Then, when you feel comfortable drawing the figure eights with your alternate hand, do this exercise again with both hands clasped together.  Follow each "drawing" motion with your eyes, so that your eyes are then being moved in a figure eight motion.

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