Stress Release Tool One
   Frontal Occipital Hold
In studying Acupressure, NLP and energy medicine for balancing the flow of vital energy in our bodies and making changes in the body/mind,  I have found the following exercise simple and useful.

This technique is used to release the emotional charge built up around a stressful situation.  It is a way to welcome your vital forces to take you out of the  place of victim and into a place of empowerment.  Using just step one will assist in promoting clear, calm thought. Using all three steps , to reframe an event, will give your mind new solutions and reactions to call upon to use in the future

Use both hands to apply a firm continuous touch to the places shown in the picture below while either using the entire process or simply holding and breathing.  Cover the forehead points, which are neurovascular points that correspond to the stomach acupuncture meridian, with the palm of one hand,  and place the other hand over the base of your skull, your occiput.

a.  First, visualize the event as it happened, from beginning to end, noting all the details. Imagine that you are watching it from the outside, as though it were seen through a window or on a video.  Take a deep breath and let it go.

b.  Play the situation back again, noting all the details.  But this time, let all of your senses come into play.  Remember sounds, sights, smells, temperature of the air, time of day, feelings in your body, emotional much as possible, allow your body to really "be" in the situation as completely as possible.  This calls forth all the parts of your body/mind that were involved at the time of the event, thus allowing you to make a more complete and profound shift.  Now, run it backwards as quickly as possible, several times, like a fast rewind on a DVD.  Now, take a deep breath and let it go.

c.  Play the situation back one more time.  This time, however, imagine the event changed in any way you wish.  You may simply change your response to the situation or you can COMPLETELY change the details and outcome.  The mind doesn't differentiate between what "really" happened and your new "made up" version.  It just accepts it because it is all just perception anyway.  You can even add polka dots, splashes of paint, or any other creative additions to change the "movie", thus change your emotional reaction to it.

When you hold these points on the head, the blood flow within the brain moves away from old reactive pathways toward the front part of the brain that is capable of creating new choices.  This tool can be used for relaxation, to defuse a bothersome recent conversation or situation or
 even used to reframe highly charged past injuries, issues, or events.  This allows you to build new responses for a calmer more positive future. You can also use this technique to assist in manifesting a  new goal or behavior.
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