Stress Release Tool Three
The Wayne Cook Method 
In the late 80's I studied the therapy called "One Brain".  This therapy is based on applied kinesiology.  John F. Thie, DC made the use of applied kinesiology more part of the main stream through his book "Touch for Health".  Donna Eden and Brain Gym work have both expanded the public's understanding of this kind of therapy.  This stress release method is one that I first learned in my One Brain training and re-studied in my classes in Donna Eden work in 2009.
Reading is one of the most intricate and complicated of all body activities.  The delicate eye muscles have to continually adjust as they move the eyeballs back and forth, the lens has to adjust to keep the eyes focused, the pupil has to adjust to regulate the amount of light that comes into the eye.  This alone can cause stress and exacerbate the stress you might already be experiencing. Add to this reading outloud and any feelings around past experiences doing this. All of this can end up causing an energy blockage.
Donna Eden does a wonderful demonstration regarding this technique.  She has a person read something outloud, then tests their muscle strength using applied kinesiology.  They often go weak.  But what is most interesting is that she then energy tests others, people who were strong before the reading, and now they are also weak.  She calls this particular weakness "being scrambled".  She explains how someone who is scrambled will scramble others through their speaking, writing, and reading outloud.  So this is a very important stress to release.
The Wayne Cook method balances meridians and is very helpful for people in extreme stress. It is also helpful for dyslexia, ADD, stuttering and other learning disorders.  It is also one of the best techniques for increasing your mental acuity and bringing out your best in a performance or confrontation.

1. Sit in a chair with your spine straight.  cross your left leg over your right knee, place your right hand over your left ankle.  Wrap your left hand around the ball of the foot so your fingers reach around the little toe to cover the outer part of the top of the foot.
2.  Breathe in slowly through your nose, letting the breath lift the body as you breathe in.  While you are doing this, pull your leg toward you, which creates a stretch.  When you exhale, breathe out through your mouth slowly, letting your body relax.  Repeat this breathing and stretching 4-5 times.
3. You can add the technique of putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth while you inhale, and holding your tongue down when you exhale. This connects the main two meridians, the conception and governing vessels.
4.  Switch to the other foot and repeat this process again.
5.  When you are finished with the above steps, put your hands in a temple position with the fingertips together.  Bring your thumbs up to the third eye, breathing deeply, then bring your hands down in front of you, and keep on breathing deeply. Do a few breaths in each position.
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