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Spiritual Response Therapy:
    Spiritual Response Clearing is a very powerful process of researching and eliminating discordant programs from this life, past lives, parallel lives, parallel universes and future lives.  The work I do usually has a profound and wonderful effect on most people.  Many mental, emotional, physical, and soul healings have resulted from the clearing work. I work with Spirit and my high self and your high self, accessing the Akashic records, and use a pendulum and various charts to identify and clear limiting programs.
Spiritual Restructuring:
    Spiritual Restructuring is a system of aligning all of the joints, vertebra, and muscles of the body, and working with organs and glands and other body systems to help establish greater health and balance. Understand that this is a SPIRIT based system and that I, as the therapist, work with SPIRIT to promote healing for my clients. Centering and prayer are important for clarity and direction. I make sure that I am clear and in tune with SPIRIT before I start the work and that my clients are clear as well.  I use dowsing to work with SPIRIT and access what work needs to be done, whether it be to make an adjustment, ask for psychic surgery, laser surgery, spiritual healing, clear programs affecting the body, or whether it is an issue with diet ( emotional, mental or physical). I work with SPIRIT to do the work; I do not do it myself. The work can be done in person or long distance. All the work is done energetically.
    This can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies to assist you in releasing limiting beliefs and habits and creating new supportive ones.  Past life regression/future progression is also offered, to clear blocks to having the health, life, relationships and success you desire. I have designed my own past life regression work that focuses on changing the past to create a more desired present and future. This can be done in person or by phone.
Reiki/Natural Energy therapy:
    Discordant energy stored in your body can block the chakras that normally allow restorative and healing energy to enter your body. Once re-opened, the body, mind and spirit are once again connected to the powerful healing and guiding forces of the universe.  The body is cleansed, re-charged and balanced. This can be done in person, by phone or as distance healing.
Emotional release work:
    Trapped emotions in your body can create pain, dysfunction and eventually lead to disease.  This gentle therapy identifies these emotions and quickly releases them, leaving you feeling energized and able to better create the life you desire. This can be done in person or by phone.

Energy Medicine, and breath-   work also offered.



Emotional wk- $75/hr.

Other therapy-

1-2 hours.

In person, distance and phone sessions available.

*Self confidence
*Health issues
*Weight loss

My job is to listen deeply to your desires; shine the light gently, to illuminate what is limiting you; choose the most supportive path to assist you; then with compassion, love and reverance, walk with you on the journey to your unfoldment and ultimate blossoming.