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"I highly recommend Katelon Jeffereys for past/present life regression, hypnosis, NLP, and Emotion Code work. These are actually just a few of the 15 modalities in which Katelon is proficient. She draws from all of them as she works with you, so it's hard to label Katelon as any one sort of practitioner, except perhaps to say she is an eclectic and intuitive healer. My sessions with her are always helpful and result in clearing blocks that need to be cleared. She's also helped me to install/strengthen desired beliefs, which has made me even happier and more productive. Her skills as a hypnotist, NLP practitioner and intuitive facilitator have helped draw out wisdom from my Higher Self and integrate it into my present reality in a profound, lasting way... Wow!" -- Dena Przybyla

“Katelon has helped me to experience past life regression. It was a wonderful, gentle and eye-opening session. It truly changed my life through shifting my awareness and helping me understand my life patterns better. Katelon facilitated this experience in a very professional and compassionate way, making me feel safe and open for healing”  Marianna V.

 "Your message is one of the most powerful and needed that we've seen."  Margaret Q., Head Instructor, Downtown Neighborhood Center, Phoenix, AZ.

 "Katelon did an excellent job of presenting workshops titled "Skills for Success Workshop".  This class included hands-on interactive exercises in a smooth and reality based manner.  The participants rated this class as excellent and even recommended our department require this class as mandatory training for every employee in our agency." Tony L., Director Staff and Development Adult Probation Dept., Maricopa County, AZ.

 "Katelon interacts well with diverse audiences and is able to get the wellness message across to even the most skeptical...when you couple her basic program with focused follow-up for workshops, you have set the stage for positive productive change in your workforce"  Dallas P.S., Az. Governmental Training Service.

 "I recently had a past life regression with Katelon.  I had noticed some negative behavior patterns which I kept repeating.  I wished to turn them around and break the pattern, but I didn't know how and was unsuccessful in trying to clear them myself.  In one two hour session with Katelon, I achieved clarity on those behavior patterns and was able to "re-write past history", which is very empowering.  I am no longer a slave to these unconscious thoughts which I wasn't even aware that I had. I think that Katelon is very experienced and is an excellent filter for spiritual healing from the Divine Source. She is practical and empathetic, and very down to earth. Thank you."  Liz-Kirkland, WA.

 "I became acquainted with Katelon Jeffereys through our mutual interest in the Native American Medicine Wheel.  Through the years, I have admired her vast knowledge in the field of wellness.  I have often relied on her advice regarding alternative and organic remedies. 

 Katelon is gifted in both massage and Reiki healing.  Her passion for wellness is supported by her sincere, positive, and dedicated attitude toward the wellness of the planet, and all living beings upon it.   She walks the red road toward the Golden Age as an authentic “being of light”.
 I am honored that our paths have met in this lifetime.  I am blessed by my friend Katelon, “Healing Wolf Medicine Woman”.
Dave Tregoning​ aka Tyee Skookum OrcaAuburn, Washington

"Thank you for the clearing work you did on my husband, his family lineage and our property.  I know people say it isn't possible to do surrogate Time Line and NLP work on others, but your intuition said it was what was needed to deal with these fairly entrenched issues.  It turned out to be effective.  Hubby has been decidedly calmer, more relaxed, more patient and more loving since we cleared the old family lineage of not being "good enough." I kind of wondered for a while if the surrogate work had just changed my attitude and my reactions to him, but several people have noticed the changes in him as well.Regarding the surrogate Time Line and NLP work we did on the house - I know it sounds a little crazy, but that has been effective, too.  Over the years I'd worked with a number of practitioners in an attempt to clear the energies here, and we had gotten it to where it was much better than when we first bought the place (which had been quite dilapidated and messy, and people felt some unnerving energies here).  I love this place, but had gotten burned out on trying to take care of the front yard and parking strip.  No matter how hard I worked or how often I fixed things up, within a week everything I'd done would get messed up.  People backed over the edges of our raised beds and broke them, stole new plantings, climbed into our yard and stole our fruit, dumped big piles of trash in the parking strip, left their dog poop on the sidewalk, etc.  Mother nature got in on it, too, and wind would knock over and break the art we made, squirrels dropped lots of nesting material and poop all over the cleaned front steps, they gnawed gaping holes in the eyebrow dormer after I'd spent several days sanding, patching and repainting it, etc.  It was quite disheartening.

But since we did the surrogate NLP/Time Line clearing and we erected the "sonic love fence", it's changed.  I did just
 a little work at first to test things out, and the work held.  So we've been very busy clearing out and fixing things up again.  It's been a month since we started, and only been a few minor things have happened (cigarette butts left behind and a small handful of squirrel nesting material dropped)."LH, Seattle, WA.

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